An animated poem to introduce the visual identity and poster serie

For the identity five different poetry/typography games were created based on the five elements of visual poetry. You could also add a sixth element: interaction, which is translated into an interactive typography game for the website.

Even in order to see darkness we need light (language)

Knock away my blue, i'm just waiting for you to come through (shape)

Life can be so colorful, if you only let it (color)

You always are, as free as you want to be (space)

The sound of the birds i hear, reminds me spring is near (sound)

The website, an interactive typography game

The poster also functions as a folded catalogue and program leaflet

visual poetry festival

august 2014 visual identity, poster design, webdesign, animation

Visual Poetry is an artform on the convergence of art, poetry, music and design. Visual means are used to support the poems or vice versa. You are nog longer only reader, but you are participant of a "poetry game", and to "read" you have to be involved.

For the identity/campaign for Visual Poetry Festival we translated this idea in five different typographic games, based on the five elements (language, shape, color, space and sound). It contains five double-sides see-through posters that also functions as mini-catalogue and programme to cut production costs. To read the poem on every poster you'll have to be involved, just like with visual poetry. To read the full poster you will need light, or have to hang it on your window.

Besides the posters we made an animation as an introduction to the identity/campaign and a website, the sixt typographic game: interaction.

Each poem on the poster is related to one of the elements of visual poetry (language, shape, color, space and sound) and is also a wink to the usage of the posters (to see darkness we need light, to come through, if you only let it). The poems are written by Stephanie Jill Klok, visit her photo poetry diary at: puella in urbe.

Featured in:
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