Salie / Times

Dille / DIN

Rosemary / Futura

Mint / Univers

Bieslook / Franklin Gothic

Dragon / Baskerville

Basilicum / Bodoni

Thyme / Garamond

Seldery / ITC Avant Garde

Parselie / Helvetica

Oregano / Gill Sans

Koriander / Optima

twelve spices & typefaces

december 2014 poster

A poster showing twelve spices that you can use in the kitchen for cooking, a nice mnemonic. The spices are combined with various typefaces that fit the flavour/characteristics of the spice. For example, Basilicum, often usen in the Italian kitchen is matched with Italian typeface Bodoni. And ofcourse the most boring spice Parsley is mixed with Helvetica. No offence!

This poster was auctioned at the 'Sissy-Boy Design Auction' at the Dutch Design Week 2015.

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