The alphabet code.

decoded alphabet

march 2012 interactive installation, processing

When are letters enough visible to be read? How are letters read by our brains? This interactive installation i made during my minor art and technology answers these questions and is a visualization of the border between readability and unreadability.

Each of the objects from the code above represents a letter from the alphabet. I created a three-dimensional grid where every coordinate of the grid could be translated into a line. By projecting the codes from above onto a wireframe, three-dimensional letters could be created.

The interactive installation works as a machine to decode the alphabet. The "alphabet code" is projected from above in a dark space and it is the task of the viewer to decode with the help of light. Right in front of your eyes a three-dimensional visualization of the decipherment arises. By shining light the letters are being deciphered and lines that represent your eye-vision appear. If you see enough to recognize a letter you could use the keyboard to go to the next letter.

More images of this project will follow.