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commandeur consultancy

november 2014 visual identity, logo design, webdesign

Commandeur Consultancy builds upon more than 20 years of consultancies and long-term assignments in 'WASH' and 'inclusive business' in rural areas, of which 15 years in Africa and Latin America.

The logotype of Commandeur Consultancy is inspired by patterns of reallocation of land. Fighting rural poverty is about rearranging what is now; about rebalancing capacities and opportunities; about innovation and redistribution of influence. The rearrangement of existing patterns gives birth to new connections.

Consisting of a pattern where the shapes are not yet connected, and a logoform where the shapes form a connection, a visual language was created with endless possibilities while still being recognizable.

Besides stationary we made a fully responsive website. See it online at: www.commandeurconsultancy.com.