Final affiche for the George Antheil festival.

Collected materials.

Piranha in a fishbowl.

The Antheil Award.

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bad boy of music

may 2012 visual identity, poster design, logo design

Visual identity and promotional poster for the George Antheil festival, named after the modernistic componist and pianist Antheil (1900 - 1959) who also goes by the name "Bad Boy of Music". The festival is about movies and music. Watching the video Ballet Mécanique from 1924 for which George Antheil made the music was the starting point for making this poster. I started collecting materials that were related to the mechanical and futuristic feeling of the video and music. The final poster also refers to the complexity and chaos of the music.

Antheil played piano so intens that he needed two fishbowls by his side for his bleeding fingers. I took this fact into the logo, which also gives a kind of claustrophobic atmosphere. A piranha in a fishbowl is how you could describe the music of Antheil. The style of the piranha is inspired by mechanical things.