Main logo and variation

The weapon/logo is build up from an "A" (Alkmaar), "M" (maar) and "V" (Victory).

Icon/logo toolbox

Dutch bycicle plate

Business cards where every person gets his own city emblem (translation: V of victory/F from Francois).

City van


may 2012 visual identity, logo design

Logo and visual language for my hometown Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Alkmaar is a city with a rich history which is still visible if you take a walk. It was one of the first cities that made itself free during the eighty-years war, what makes Alkmaar a city to be proud of. From this idea a flexible emblem was created as logo for the city, a city weapon with a modern twist. The logo forms the base for the visual identity.

In the current time Alkmaar is a varied and modern city. The people of Alkmaar are down to earth, to the point and confident. The diamond in the middle stands for the to the point mentality and the logo going in different directions links to the diversity of the city. The visual language created can be used in a variety of media.