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Day schedule and summary of the book

Day schedule in the closed mode

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Time restrictions makes creative?

8:55 to 17:34

august 2014 editorial design, book

Always being fascinated by how creativity works and how to optimize it i started this project. The book is based on a theory of John Cleese called the 'open and closed mode'. According to Cleese, creativity is not a talent but a way of operating, this is also called 'the ability to play'. This book gives answer to the question how to get in this creative and playful mode and contains interviews with eight Dutch graphic designers on the subject, including Michiel Schuurman, Martin Pyper (me studio), Yurrian Rozenberg (Yurr), Rob en Barry van Dijck (Staynice), Sjoerd Koopmans (Silo), Karen van der Kraats, Herman van Bostelen and Hilmer Thijs (Studio Hands).

Because limiting your time could help, the book helps to optimize your creativity from 8:55 to 17:34, or from 17:34 to 8:55, whatever you feel like. As you need both modes in the creative process (the closed mode is needed for decision making), the book is readable in two ways: the open and closed mode. The colored pages represent the open mode, and the black and white pages the closed mode. By playing, flipping and turning the book upside down you will be able to read the right quotes, and if not, well.. maybe it makes you more creative.

Because while things like limiting your time, defining your space and confidence helps with creativity, the most important factor is humor. This is the best way to get in the 'open mode', so a series of colorful and funny collages inspired by John Cleeses Monty Python were created.